Sunday, May 17, 2009

GR DiMillo's

G&R DiMillo's Bayside -

Disappointing. The decorating, both outside and in, is bright and
cheerful. Gino, the owner, took the time to stop and chat at our table - a nice touch (we were the only ones there for lunch).

The food was okay, and while the sauce was on the sour side, it was still acceptable. The homemade pasta was good, but not exceptional, as we'd expected for homemade. The prices are somewhat hefty for lunch (our entrees that day -a gnocchi dish & chicken parm) were both about $13 - $14.

But the service! As the only diners present until we had finished our
entrees (another couple with their child came in later), this apparently placed too
much of a burden on the lone waitress. We sat with our empty
plates and glasses until we left the place. We were given complimentary canolli (left from a photo shoot), to enjoy amid
the dirty dishes. The bill finally arrived after one of us waved
wildly and called to the waitress, who seemed surprised that we were still there, as if she'd completely forgotten about us. Even then she didn't remove the dishes!

If the food had been outstanding, the cost of the meal would have been inconsequential. However, for "just okay" food and terrible service, the prices are simply way out of whack.

Our esteemed assistants, the Belgian and the Labrador, seemed to enjoy the leftovers. So- two thumbs down and two paws up for GR DiMillo's!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bruno's Restaurant in Portland

We believe the best Italian restaurant in Portland is Bruno's at Morrill's Corner. For starters, they have a good sized parking lot, a commodity in Portland!
You are greeted by the hostess, Jeannine, who escorts
you to your table decked with a linen cloth and fresh flowers. Jeannine provides spirited conversation as well as recommendations from the menu. Jodie, the efficient and effervescent server, is quick to bring the bread and drinks while customers peruse the menu.
The choices are mind-blowing both at lunch and dinner, everything from seafood to pasta. Our
two favorites for lunch: Pasta with red clam sauce (over linguine) and Chicken
Piccata served with rice. The stuffed mushrooms are to die for! Get a doggie bag--desserts are also
good, their specialty cheesecake (new flavor-of-the-month created by "Jim") is outstanding.

Prices are extremely affordable, with most lunch items around the $10 range.

Our two assistants, Abby and Josie, have yet to turn their noses up at our leftovers (chicken piccata is the favorite so far). The HungryGals and our four-legged assistants give Bruno's two thumbs up, and two paws waaay up!