Monday, June 1, 2009

Wild Willy's Burger Review - May 09

When one of the Hungrygals was in a taxi recently, the driver pointed out a little
restaurant and said, "They used to make the best burgers in town."
He was happy to hear the loud praises of Wild Willie's - and that nothing has changed.

Located in what used to be a Dexter Shoe just off the Westbrook St exit in South Portland. The log cabin building is easy to spot. Handicapped accessible, too, a
nice feature.

Their burgers are made of Angus beef, but oh my, the Bison
Burgers (with a lot less fat) are incredibly good. We
both opted for the Buffalo Bill Bisonburger which is topped
with horseradish sauce, cheddar cheese, and mushrooms.
Our two assistants waiting in the car were lucky to get a taste!

The menu also includes steak sandwiches,chicken sandwiches,
fries (no transfat), onion rings, salads, chili,and a good selection
of beverages, including draft root beer!

It's not a fast food business, so you have to wait till your order
is individually prepared and delivered to your table. It is well worth the short wait.

I wish we had more than 4 thumbs and 2 paws for this place! Run, don't walk, to Wild Willy's for the best burger in town.