Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pom's Thai

Had a bonus day off today so the Hungrygals decided to avoid the madness of Black Friday and do some pre-Thanksgiving shopping and dining.  Swim against the tide, that's what I like to say!
Craving Asian cuisine, we made our way over the bridge to Pom's Thai in South Portland.
We began with an order of Kra -tong-thong, tiny bite-sized (ok, two bites) pastries filled with chicken, corn and peas. Crunchy on the outside and warm and tasty on the inside! The curry-flavored treat came served with a slightly spicey cucumber chutney. Excellent!
For the entrees, we ordered the Fancy Chicken and the Sesame Noodle. Sadly,  even though we requested no spice on the Fancy Chicken (and was properly noted on the order slip by the waitress), the dish came out with flecks of bright red chili, resulting in a truly too- spicey experience. The flavor of the dish sparkled,  however,  as did that of the Sesame Noodle. 
Fancy Chicken, a sweetish dish composed of chicken, pineapple and veggies,  is served with your choice of white or fried rice.  Sesame Noodle is served atop a pile of sauteed noodles (surprise) with pieces of tender chicken, exactly two shrimp and plenty of veggies.
A cup of pork won ton soup started our meal. The won tons were tender and delicious,  the broth bursting with flavor. This soup is absolutely fabulous, one of the best won tons around.
The service was quick, attentive and friendly.
Our total bill for this feast was just under $31, a total steal.
Despite the misstep with "overspicing" of the Fancy Chicken,  we'll definitely be back. One and a half thumbs up and two paws up. The four-legged gals didn't seem to mind the spice at all in their sample of Fancy Chicken!