Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Horn Steakhouse, South Portland, Maine

We don't usually review chain restaurants, but this is an exception!

Long Horn Steakhouse in South Portland has a good reputation for steaks, and one of us really likes their Black and Blue Burger, but they have a scrumptious summer special: Strawberry Chicken Salad. It starts with a base of crisp greens, decked with grilled breast of chicken pieces, onions, goat cheese, mandarin oranges, grapes, candied pecans and, of course, sliced ripe strawberries, all topped with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. A steal at $9.99.

When the manager stopped at our table to ask if we were pleasedwith our lunches, we told him the only objection we had was that this was a summer special and suggested that a shift to blueberries might work when strawberry season is over.

Suggestion: If you go there for the steaks, order a strawberry salad to share with our party. You can take some of that steakhome in doggie bags! Speaking of doggie bags, our canine assistants didn't get a scrap of the salad! And we went back three days later for a repeat!

Run, don't walk, to Long Horn to sample this tremendous summer special - available through September only.

Rating: two thumbs up (no paws this time!)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

David's - Monument Square, Portland, ME

Another rainy day in Portland in the month of June...more time to go out to eat.

David's - in Monument Square, downtown Portland - was a great surprise! We had planned to go to the pub next door (Shay's), but they were completely filled with a waiting period of 15 to 20 minutes.

We went into David's and (the Hungrygals and two out-of-town guests) all had great meals at good prices:

No. 1: Pork medallions with mashed sweet potato and asparagus.
No. 2: Sirloin steak with cumin fried onion rings and vegetable.
No. 3: BBQ chicken salad, with blue cheese crumbles and assorted veggies.

The food was all excellent, reasonable, and presented well. The server went out of his way to make us comfortable, and despite a busy lunch crowd, the food was delivered quite quickly. Our canine assistants were especially pleased-- the portions were large so they had plenty of leftovers to enjoy! If they could have managed it, it would have been 8 paws up. We'll give David's a try for dinner, that's for sure!

Rating: two thumbs up; "eight" paws up!

Joe's Boathouse Review - South Portland, Maine

Recently, the Hungrygals visited a local eatery with a visiting relative from New Jersey, who also happens to possess a grand fondness for good food. With the rain a constant event during the month of June, what could be better activity than going out to eat? And so we decided to take our guest out for some good ol' Maine seafood!

Joe's Boathouse was our restaurant of choice. We'd recommend this establishment, even if the food was mediocre--and it isn't! The view of the harbor is great, and the ambience and service are just as good. Strong accent on seafood, of course, and we tried different dishes to everyone's satisfaction.

First, we split a ceasar salad 3 ways, and the kitchen was gracious enough to divide the salad into 3 separate dishes for dining ease; a nice touch. The salad was crisp, the dressing tasty. Next, we enjoyed two entrees - the Lemon Curry Scallops (scallops sauteed in lemon & curry and served over rice noodles) and the Ocean Catch Saute (mussels, scallops, haddock and shrimp sauteed in a marinara and served over pasta). Both dishes were outstanding, and we barely were able to save enough for our 4-legged assistants who were waiting at home! But we managed to bring them a few morsels, which they gobbled up instantly.

All of the lunch entrees are affordable, in the $10-$14 range. Ours were about mid-level in price.

A great place to take guests "from away" for a great Maine lunch...even if its raining. Rating: three thumbs up (thanks to our special guest) and two paws up!!