Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our reports are typically of our lunchtime adventures. But everySaturday morning we "gird up our loins" for a trip to Hannaford's by having breakfast at Uncle Andy's, just over the Casco Bay Bridge in South Portland. Not only is the breakfast fare excellent, they are always ready to fill your special desires (I always insist on CRISP bacon). Specials are always offered, and the corned beef hash is home made, a welcome change from the typical canned stuff. I don't think you can stump them on any kind of omelets (including keilbasa and the occasional mexican beef & salsa omelet), and the abundant veggies in the Farmer's Scramble are great. Good variety of bread for toast, at least two choices of muffins, and Bear Claws: a wonderful pastry topped with sliced almonds--but unfortunately not always available. The atmosphere adds a lot. The staff and the other customers are all friendly--like going to a favorite aunt's for breakfast. They also serve lunches, and on occasion, dinner. The boiled dinner on St. Patrick's Day was good, not soggy, though the green icing on the cake was a bit much.

You always feel that time has stood still at Uncle Andy's - the prices are very reasonable (from about $1.50 for a pancake to $5.00 for a full egg/meat/toast meal), the counter and stools look to be the same as the ones your grandpa sat in, and Dennis, the proprietor, practices his stand up comedy routine on the customers - he's usually pretty funny!

Abby and Josie patiently await their breakfast fixin's in the car and heartily enjoy their feast of bacon, veggie sausage and eggs every Saturday.

Rating: consistently two thumbs and four paws up!!