Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Full Belly Deli

The Full Belly Deli's been on the Portland food scene for over fifteen years, serving up kosher offerings, soups, salads, wraps and of course, deli sandwiches. On the day I stopped in, the special was a fried haddock sandwich with fries, cole slaw and pickle for $8.49. Tempting, but when I go to the Full Belly Deli, probably the only place in the greater Portland area that serves up beef tongue, I want something a bit more exciting than fish.

The small restaurant in the Pine Tree Plaza features such classic items as pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, grilled chicken, just to name a few.  Passing on the tongue (call me a wimp, I just can't get past the thought of chewing on something else's taste buds), I opted for the "World's Wurst" - a liverwurst sandwich on pumpernickel bread (my choice of bread; there are several offered).

And man oh man, what a sandwich it is! Warning: you must possess a healthy love of liverwurst to order this sandwich. The total materpiece, bread-to-bread, stands over three inches high, boasting a full one-and-a-half-to-two inches of meat - slab upon beautiful slab of liverwurst (yes, I actually measured it. What can I say, I am a geek). Thin slices of tomato and purple onion add sweetness and crunch while a topping of hard boiled egg accentuates the creamy richness of the 'wurst. A crisp half-sour pickle is served on the side.

Clearly, this delicious sandwich is to be shared. Despite a burning desire to wolf down every last bite, I simply couldn't eat more than half of it! Humongous and mouth-watering, the World's Wurst is a sandwich fit for kings and queens. Leftovers, of course, are always good news for the four-legged Hungrygals, who greatly enjoyed their very own individual slab of liverwurst.

The Full Belly Deli certainly lives up to its name. Open for breakfast and lunch, the FBD also sells  assorted deli meats and cheeses for take out. Go. Feast. Two thumbs and two paws up.

The Full Belly Deli
(207) 772-1227
1060 Brighton Ave
Portland, ME

Yes, there is a bite already taken out of the sandwich. A moment of weakness.