Monday, February 20, 2012

Uncle Andy's Redux - 2012

Breakfast is, by far, my favorite meal of the day. I'd eat breakfast for lunch and dinner and snacks in between if I could. In fact, I pretty much consider eggs to be the perfect food.

There are tons of places in the greater Portland area to snag a satisfying breakfast at a decent price: Brea Lu Cafe, Bintliff's, Ruski's, Becky's, Miss Portland Diner, to name just a few. Although we'd reviewed Uncle Andy's diner back in 2009, we felt the old-time South Portland diner deserved an updated take on its inexpensive yet sumptuous fare.

The staff at Uncle Andy's is friendly and efficient. The atmosphere is diner-casual, with the same 1950's counter and stools that have been in place since the original Uncle Andy's opened decades ago. The atmosphere is cozy and casual and the food is what I call down-home cookin' without pretense. No lobster benedict here. Dennis, the owner and cook, does run specials daily, such as the double-ham and cheese omelet for $7.99 or the mini-omelet on a bagel for $3.99, and he personally specializes in monkey-shaped pancakes (or other animal shapes as desired) for the kids. You can even request cage-free eggs for an additional .25 each.

On our recent visit, we dined on a feast of fried eggs, scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, veggie sausage, home fries and a lemon-filled muffin. A breakfast-lover's dream! The fried eggs were cooked perfectly (over-hard) and the scrambled were stuffed with onions and tomatoes (Uncle Andy's accommodates special requests). The ham slice was juicy and just the right thickness - not cooked to death like some I've had at other establishments. The bacon came out crispy, just as we'd requested and the muffin oozed a deliciously sweet-tart lemon-filling. The repast was more than enough for two people.

The total bill before tip came to $20.01. We even left with a doggie bag (for you-know-who).

Bottom line: Uncle Andy's serves it up right - great food without poking a hole in your wallet. With prices like $3.25 for two eggs with home fries and toast, you really could eat breakfast at every meal!

Two thumbs and two paws up.

Uncle Andy's Diner
(207) 799-7199
171 Ocean St
South Portland, ME